Snopes confirms shocking claims against Joe Biden in Ashley Biden’s diary

Fact-checking website Snopes recently updated its rating on a claim concerning Ashley Biden, the daughter of Joe Biden, from “unproven” to “true.” This change followed her confirmation in a legal document regarding the contents of her diary, which included descriptions of being “hyper-sexualized” as a child and mentioning showers with her father at a young age that she deemed “probably not appropriate.”

The controversy centers around a diary that was reportedly stolen and sold to Project Veritas for $40,000 shortly before the 2020 presidential election. The details of the diary were first made public by the National File, which included photographs of the pages.

On April 29, Snopes adjusted its rating after a letter from Ashley Biden to Chief U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain came to light, in which she responded to the sentencing of Aimee Harris, who was convicted of conspiring to transport and sell the diary. Snopes also revised the headline of their fact-check to “Did Ashley Biden Call Childhood Showers with Her Father ‘Probably Inappropriate’ in Leaked Diary?” from a previous version that questioned the broader allegations of inappropriate behavior.

In her letter, Ashley Biden expressed distress over the public exposure of her personal thoughts, writing, “I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online. Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love. Her actions were not only re-traumatizing to me but constituted a horrific trauma in and of themselves. This ongoing harm is a direct result of Ms. Harris’ intentional actions.”

Further evidence of the diary’s authenticity emerged in 2023 when an audio recording of a phone conversation between Biden and Project Veritas was circulated. In the recording, Biden acknowledged the diary as hers and requested its return.

The situation garnered more attention when James O’Keefe, former founder of Project Veritas, described a dramatic FBI raid on his home in November 2021, highlighting the significant legal and ethical questions surrounding the diary’s procurement and the actions taken by law enforcement. O’Keefe stressed that Project Veritas had turned the diary over to law enforcement rather than publishing it out of respect for its authenticity and ownership issues.

This case has raised questions about privacy, legal boundaries, and the extent of law enforcement intervention in matters involving the personal property of public figures, especially when political implications are apparent.

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  1. So now it is confirmed: Joe is a pervert pedo at best, and a incestuous child rapist at worst – allegedly. No surprise.

  2. The problem is that the far left who support him don’t really care that this is true. Because they support the same thing. And the far left is becoming a bigger and bigger proportion of our nation. Ever hear about Sodom and Gomorrah? That’s what America is quickly becoming! And states like California and New Mexico are leading the charge!

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