See all of Biden’s demands for debate with Trump

Joe Biden and 45th President Donald Trump have announced plans to debate officially, but Biden’s acceptance came with several conditions.

Trump extended an open invitation to Biden for a debate anytime, anywhere. Biden responded with enthusiasm, saying “make my day” in a social media video. Alongside this announcement, Biden’s campaign sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) outlining several key restrictions for any debate between him and Trump. Here they are:

2 thoughts on “See all of Biden’s demands for debate with Trump”

  1. Sounds more like pre-WW II Germany and the USSR. Hopefully Trump can work well under these circumstances. He needs to ask that jb’s head be x-ray for hearing devices, no teleprompters and after debate fact checkers.

  2. Trump is more confident in his ability to debate. Biden not so much when he demands the comfort of his protectors in the media. It won’t work dictator Joe!!

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