Speaker Johnson names those who ‘orchestrated’ border crisis

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) criticized Joe Biden’s recent speech, where Biden attributed the border crisis to former President Donald Trump and his supporters, calling the remarks “offensive” and out of touch with public sentiment. In an interview with Breitbart News, Johnson expressed skepticism towards Biden’s attempt to shift blame, highlighting the significant shift in border policy and its consequences since Biden assumed office. He pointed to recent polls indicating low approval ratings for Biden’s handling of the border situation, suggesting a disconnect between the administration’s narrative and public perception.

Johnson’s comments followed the collapse of a Senate funding package that included immigration provisions, which he had previously declared “dead on arrival” in the House. Biden’s speech seemed to respond to the political standoff, attributing the border crisis to Republican opposition and Trump’s influence, a stance Johnson vehemently disputes.

Johnson also shared that in private conversations and through official channels, he has urged Biden to use his executive authority to address the border issues, a point he claims Joe Biden and his press secretary have acknowledged but failed to act upon. According to Johnson, the administration’s inaction is a deliberate choice, contributing to the current state of the border.

Reflecting on his nationwide interactions, Johnson believes the border crisis resonates deeply with Americans across all states, predicting it will significantly impact the upcoming election cycle. He compares Biden’s blame-shifting tactics to past political missteps, emphasizing the widespread frustration with the lack of leadership on border security.

Johnson also discussed the broader implications of border security on national and global security, criticizing the administration’s approach to foreign policy and its impact on America’s standing worldwide. He remains committed to holding the administration accountable, particularly Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whom he considers the worst cabinet secretary in American history due to the perceived damage to the nation’s security and sovereignty.

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  1. I don’t believe anything the government says anymore. They’re all corrupt, including republicans. They do nothing for this country, but do everything for Israel and Ukraine.

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