Bombshell report reveals Ronna McDaniel’s exit from the RNC

Ronna McDaniel, the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), has reportedly informed President Donald Trump of her intention to resign from her leadership role following the upcoming primary in South Carolina, as per recent news sources.

Trump, who is 77 years old, is believed to be supporting Michael Whatley, the current Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, to succeed McDaniel after the primary on February 24, as reported by the New York Times on Tuesday.

The 45th President, leading in the GOP primaries, suggested on Monday that it might be time for McDaniel, 50, to step down in light of the RNC’s reported low fundraising figures at the onset of an election year. During a Newsmax interview, Trump remarked, “I think she knows that, I think she understands that,” referring to McDaniel’s potential departure after a series of less-than-stellar election results for the Republicans.

In addition, Trump hinted at an impending decision regarding the RNC’s future leadership in a post on Truth Social, referring to McDaniel as a “friend” and commending her efforts in Michigan during his 2016 victory against Hillary Clinton.

Reports indicate that Trump and McDaniel had a meeting at his Mar-a-Lago estate coinciding with the day of his social media post.

Trump’s preference for Whatley as McDaniel’s successor is reportedly due to Whatley’s stance on the 2020 election, alleging widespread voting fraud, and his significant role in securing North Carolina for Trump in the same election, according to the New York Times. Whatley, who also holds the position of general counsel at the RNC, has been a proponent of new voting legislation to address these fraud concerns.

Should McDaniel resign, RNC regulations stipulate that a new election must be held to appoint her successor.

The RNC’s financial state has been a point of concern, with Federal Election Commission filings revealing a cash reserve of only $8 million as of the end of December, marking a low point not seen since 2014. In contrast, Trump’s campaign reported a robust $42 million in cash at the close of 2023.

An RNC spokesperson, Keith Schipper, commented on McDaniel’s situation, stating, “Nothing has changed. This will be decided after South Carolina,” without further elaboration. Requests for comment from the Trump campaign went unanswered.

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  1. ronnan ROMNEY mcdaniel says it all, anything with mittens romney name is a quisling. Period.
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