U.S. House report shows illegals entering country outpacing this key metric

Since Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, the United States-Mexico border has witnessed the encounter of approximately 6.5 million illegal aliens, according to a report presented by Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee.

Chairman Mark Greene (R-TN) issued the report, unveiling that the number of encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border during Biden’s tenure surpasses the annual rate of U.S. births, where nearly four million infants are born each year.

“We may have entered a new fiscal year, but we’re still grappling with the same unprecedented border crisis,” remarked Green in an official statement.

Amid Biden’s administration and under the leadership of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 6.5 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the southern border. Additionally, almost two million fall into the category of “known got-aways,” signifying those who have successfully crossed the border without being intercepted by Border Patrol agents.

Experts posit that a considerable number of additional illegal aliens, referred to as “unknown got-aways,” have likely evaded detection by authorities.

In totality, approximately 7.8 million encounters with illegal aliens at U.S. borders have transpired since Biden assumed office. A significant portion of those encountered at the borders has been directly released into American communities by the DHS, thanks to the expansive catch-and-release network established by the administration.

“These are catastrophic numbers across the board … I want to make this very clear to Secretary Mayorkas: Accountability is coming,” emphasized Green.

June estimates indicate that nearly 17 million illegal aliens presently reside in the U.S., incurring an annual cost of $163 billion for American taxpayers. This financial burden, however, does not encompass the elevated expenses related to housing, unpaid medical bills, diminished wages, and lost job opportunities borne by Americans due to the consequences of illegal immigration.

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  1. The asylum idiots failed to read history again. When the SHTF, no matter who wins, these people are toast. Lenin, Mao, Castro and others all stood these “useful idiots” against the wall. Their just reward was gladly given.

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