Failing Bud Light goes all-in on ‘LGBT’ agenda in shocking latest move

Bud Light continues to suffer after it alienated most of its customers by partnering with far-left activist and transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year.

After months of attempting to claw back its customer base by basically giving away its beer for free, it appears the company has decided to fully jump aboard the “LGBT” train and sponsor Canada’s Toronto Pride.

Reports indicate that Bud Light had a float in the parade and an entire stage at the event.

“Bud Light was a sponsor of the Toronto event where adults were spotted naked in front of children…. Bud Light seems to only be pushing more people away considering weekly sales are down over 25%,” wrote Collin Rugg.

One disturbing booth at the parade asked if children should be taught sex ed at kindergarten (typically age five). Most of the “Pride” participants voted “yes.”

Just as with the Dylan Mulvanye fiasco, it appears the company has not learned from its mistake of betting on the woke “LGBT” agenda over its once-loyal customers who did not want their beer brand to wade into political and social topics.

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