What really happened with the failed Russian ‘coup’ attempt?

While we may never know what happened with the supposed Wagner Group “coup” attempt in Russia against President Vladimir Putin, which failed, many are seeing the 24-hour story as another master chess move by the leader to bolster his power.

Despite the media frenzy, some media pundits are saying the supposed coup is just making Putin stronger. 

“I think that eventually what comes down here is that Putin emerges stronger, emerges more in control. I think that’s essentially what you’re going to see here. I think it’s suicidal and I think that if any threat comes to those nuclear forces, negotiations are off and they will be showing no mercy,” said Jack Posobeic on Real America’s Voice’s “Human Events Daily.” 

Another person theorized, “Let me set this time stamp. If Putin Faked the coup to dupe NATO and oust disloyal military inside Russia. Not mention dupe Ukraine into advancing thinking Russia was weak revealing their entire offensive.” 

“All while taking money from NATO 6.2 billion payout through his loyal private militia, is straight our Genius military tactic that may go down as one of the greatest moves in military history. True David and [Goliath] scene is this proves to be true,” Derek Broes wrote. 

If this is true, the failed “coup” has now made Putin even more powerful, at a time when he seeks to win his war against Ukraine.

There are no indications of chaos or uprising in any shape or form in Russia’s capital city of Moscow:

“Russia today is leading the most difficult war for its future, repelling the aggression of neo-Nazis and their handlers,” Putin said in an address, “Against us, the whole military, economic, and information machines of the West are turned.”

“Those who prepared the military mutiny, who raise weapons against combat brothers, have betrayed Russia and will pay for this,” said Putin. “And those who are being pulled into the crime, I’m asking not to make this crucial, tragic, unrepeatable mistake. Make the one right choice – stop participating in criminal actions.”


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