Comedian mercilessly roasts Biden staffer in hilarious takedown

During a recent comedy set at The Laugh Factory in Chicago, comedian Josh Ocean Thomas humorously criticized an audience member who claimed to work for the Biden administration. 

In the now-viral Instagram clip, Thomas responded, “What a s— show of a job you have!” as the audience laughed. He continued joking with “Nick,” the Biden staffer, asking if his role was to “wake [Biden] up.”

Imitating a staffer trying to get the president’s attention, Thomas said, “Hey! Hey! Hey! There’s a war! Hey!” The comedian continued by telling Nick he could have lied about his job and joked, “You could have said you were a hooker, and I would’ve been prouder of you.”

Nick began explaining that he travels to southern states for his role, prompting Thomas to respond with laughter, “That’s crazy! You go to the south and try to sell ’em on Biden?” He ended the bit by jokingly asking, “Are you ready to be unemployed?”

Thomas captioned his Instagram post, “This was my only option.”

He wasn’t the only comedian to poke fun at Biden recently. Michael Rapaport, known for his anti-Trump stance, shared a video on X (formerly Twitter), where he criticized Biden’s decision not to supply Israel with weapons if it invades Rafah. 

Rapaport declared he would no longer support Biden, saying, “Smoking Joe Biden. Cadaver Joe Biden. I never thought I would say this. I’m not voting for you. You’re not getting my vote.”

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