All of Hunter Biden’s attempts to quash tax evasion charges fail in epic defeat

Hunter Biden’s legal battle took a turn for the worse as a federal court in California rejected all of his efforts to dismiss tax charges against him. This development ensures that the criminal proceedings involving a mix of felony and misdemeanor charges related to tax evasion and other financial discrepancies from 2016 to 2019 will proceed.

Biden, who has maintained his innocence by pleading not guilty, saw his legal team present multiple arguments last month to counter the charges.

They claimed political motivations were at play, particularly highlighting concerns about the involvement of two IRS agents who later emerged as whistleblowers. However, their attempts, encapsulated in eight distinct motions each grounded in different legal theories, were unsuccessful.

U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi evaluated the arguments and concluded that the defense had not substantiated claims of political bias affecting the case.

“The motion is remarkable in that it fails to include a single declaration, exhibit, or request for judicial notice,” Scarsi noted. “Instead, Defendant cites portions of various Internet news sources, social media posts, and legal blogs. These citations, however, are not evidence.”

He added that much of the supposed evidence Biden’s legal team presented contained “multiple levels of hearsay.”

Moreover, Scarsi dismissed the notion of selective or vindictive prosecution brought forth by Biden’s team, finding no substantial proof to support claims of unfair targeting or discriminatory intent in the legal actions against Biden.

“Defendant fails to present a reasonable inference, let alone clear evidence, of discriminatory effect and discriminatory purpose,” he wrote, concluding, “Accordingly, the selective prosecution claim fails.”

The implications of these rulings are significant for Biden, who could potentially face up to 17 years in prison if found guilty of the tax-related charges. Additionally, the broader legal landscape for Biden includes facing gun charges in Delaware, for which he has also pleaded not guilty, while simultaneously being a central figure in an ongoing House impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

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