Fake ‘devout Catholic’ Biden’s Easter attacks on people of faith

In a move that has rightly angered Christians, the Biden administration has set guidelines for the 2024 “Celebrating National Guard Families” art event that excludes religious Easter egg designs. The event, part of the White House’s Easter celebrations, traditionally features the annual Easter Egg Roll and has now expanded to include artwork by children of the National Guard. However, the criteria for submission explicitly state that designs “must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements,” which has led to concerns about the administration’s stance on religious expression during Easter.

Joe Biden, known for his Catholic faith, has previously emphasized inclusivity and diversity as key principles of his presidency. This stance is reflected in the White House’s efforts to avoid promoting one religion over others, in line with the American Egg Board’s policy of neutrality in all its promotional activities. Emily Metz, President and CEO of the American Egg Board, explained the necessity of maintaining neutrality, stating that they cannot favor one religion, political viewpoint, or even one type of egg over another in their marketing efforts. This policy underpins the decision to keep Easter egg designs secular, aiming to be inclusive and avoid the perception of endorsing any particular religious belief.

The White House has also announced the “transgender day of visibility” on March 31, which coincides with Easter Sunday in 2024. Biden’s proclamation calls on Americans to recognize the contributions of transgender individuals and to combat discrimination based on gender identity. This initiative, along with Biden’s appointments of transgender leaders and the lifting of the military ban on transgender service members, highlights the administration’s commitment to LGBT rights.

Despite these “inclusivity” efforts, the exclusion of religious themes from the Easter egg design contest has sparked debate about the balance between secular governance and the acknowledgment of America’s rich tapestry of faith traditions. 

Critics argue that such exclusions might alienate people of faith who wish to celebrate Easter’s religious significance. The controversy underscores the ongoing dialogue about the place of religious expression in public and government-sponsored events in a diverse and pluralistic society.

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