Biden not cleared in classified docs. case, testifies former special counsel

Former Special Counsel Robert Hur recently clarified that his investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents did not result in exoneration for the president.

This statement came during a congressional hearing where Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., suggested that Hur’s report completely cleared President Biden. “So this lengthy, expensive and independent investigation resulted in a complete exoneration of President Joe Biden,” Jayapal stated. Hur, however, refuted this interpretation, emphasizing, “I did not exonerate him. That word does not appear in the report, Congresswoman.”

During the hearing, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., inquired whether Hur had concluded that Biden was “outright innocent,” to which Hur responded, “[T]hat conclusion is not reflected in my report, sir.” Hur further explained that his decision not to proceed with prosecution was based on the assessment that a conviction was not a probable outcome.

The hearing also saw Hur defending the independence of his investigation against accusations from Rep. Hank Johnson that the report was intended to undermine Biden and assist Republican efforts. Hur firmly rejected these claims, stating, “Partisan politics played no part whatsoever in my work. My work was independent.”

Additionally, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan highlighted Hur’s findings that “pride and money” might have motivated Biden’s retention of classified documents. This speculation arises from evidence suggesting Biden kept certain documents to use in his memoir, which earned him $8 million.

The public discourse around Hur’s report and testimony raises significant questions about the handling of classified information by high-ranking officials and the implications for national security and political accountability.

Watch the hearing here:

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