TDS-infected Ann Coulter says Donald Trump should ‘die’

Ann Coulter, once a supporter of Donald Trump, has drastically shifted her views, as evidenced by her provocative comment on a social media platform where she suggested that Trump’s death might be the only way for America to progress. 

This stark statement underscores Coulter’s disillusionment with the former president, whom she previously championed in her book “In Trump We Trust.” 

Over time, Coulter has publicly criticized Trump, notably calling him “the biggest wimp ever to serve” for not implementing a complete border shutdown, a policy she had advocated for. However, the 45th President did, indeed, fulfill his promise to build the wall along the southern border. However, under Joe Biden’s regime, the funds appropriated to finish the barrier were cut off, and the construction ceased.

Coulter’s critique extends beyond Trump; she has been vocal about her disapproval of other political figures and policies, particularly those related to immigration. 

Now, Coulter is calling for the death of the 45th President, writing on Twitter, “Maybe he could die?” 

The Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to have infected the faux conservative provocateur, who has since drank the leftist Kool-Aid:

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