Once-beloved restaurant chain gives in to wokeism

Another once-beloved American brand has gone full-blown woke to celebrate “LGBT Pride” month. 

Cracker Barrel, which operates 661 locations nationwide in 45 states and 564 cities, is celebrating the invented month by painting its signature porch rocking chairs rainbow.

The company posted, “We are excited to celebrate Pride month with our employees and guests. Everyone is always welcome at our table (and our rainbow rocker). Happy Pride!”

The southern restaurant chain wrote on its website, “On behalf of Cracker Barrel’s LGBTQ+ Alliance & DEIB Team, we want to celebrate YOU for being YOU. It is our greatest Mission to ensure that Pleasing People means “all people.” LGBTQ+ Pride month each June is an important time to reflect on the Stonewall Riots that began on June 28, 1969, evoking activists to demand change for the LGBTQ+ community in America. As June prompts us to reflect on the core values of PRIDE: People/Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, Cracker Barrel believes these are core pillars that should guide our decisions year-round.”

The Los Angeles Times previously reported, “The chain recently issued a policy that cited ‘traditional American values’ and declared that it ‘is perceived to be inconsistent with those of our customer base to continue to employ individuals in our operating units whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values which have been the foundation of families in our society.'”

Now, Cracker Barrel looks headed for the fate of Target and Bud Light, which have alienated their bases and now have to face the financial consequences of going woke.

Cracker Barrel (Cleveland, Tennessee). JJBers via Wikimedia Commons.

8 thoughts on “Once-beloved restaurant chain gives in to wokeism”

  1. My husband loved Cracker Barrel until now. Let us know when they replace this nonsense with the Stars and Stripes.

  2. No, your group of woke big mouths wants to be catered to and shove it down everyone’s throat including our innocent children. That is not the rainbow of “pride”. It is God’s rainbow. Give it back.

  3. Ask yourself, what is it the prideful queers really do. What do queers really want? Is it to be accepted and treated accordingly or is there an agenda by some to be actively in the face of straight people and recruit young impressionable children? Cracker Rocker Barrel you have gone the Bud Light route and my $ are heading in a different direction. Your chain has been 86’d.

  4. A good reminder that all corporate brands have been highjacked by recent college grads who are completely brainwashed. Support local mom and pop business that aren’t. Taking back our culture.

  5. Why are so many businesses self-destructing today? I mean what does sex have to do with food, clothing, cars, beer? Have they gone mad? Do they really want to tell people they support anal sex, lesbian tribbing, and child sexualization? That in the end is what they are supporting, it’s disgusting. No one cares what you do behind closed doors but to shout it from the mountain tops is abhorrent. DON’T DRAG KIDS INTO THIS JUST SO YOU FEEL JUSTIFIED.

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