Kim Kardashian complains about ‘woke’ people

During an interview with Jay Shetty, reality TV show star Kim Kardashian vented about “woke” people when asked, “How do you manage a life in public with different personas?”

“There’s nothing worse than when someone is, like, so woke and they’re on this therapy journey and they expect you to be right there with them. But it’s a beautiful thing to sit back and watch people make mistakes, grow and evolve and just be there to hold their hand and support them. I think that’s what anyone would want.” 

“I’ve seen so many people on these like self-help Journeys that just aren’t as happy you know and I think you just have to like sit back and do what works for you and move at your own pace and understand that it’s okay that you’re not at the

same level as someone else.” 


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