Target boycott starts as stores push trans agenda on toddlers

Target stores have now come under fire after videos show their stores displaying merchandise pushing the transgender agenda on young children. 

According to The Daily Mail, “This year’s collection features a range of clothes and home goods, including lime green adult romper suits with the word ‘gay’ on the back; a ‘Live Laugh Lesbian’ t-shirt; and a mug emblazoned with the words: ‘Gender Fluid.’” 

“The Minneapolis-based company is selling T-shirts for children with the slogan: ‘Trans People Will Always Exist!’ It is offering rainbow-striped tutus for toddlers for $13, and $10 baby gros which read: ‘Bien Proud.’” 

The activist group, Gays Against Groomers, posted a video of the merchandise on Twitter, writing, “This is what you will find in the kid’s section of @Target. We urge you to take your business elsewhere. They are indoctrinating and grooming them with LGBTQ ideology. It is highly inappropriate and disturbing. 

“We hope there are enough parents out there that understand how wrong this is and show them that this garbage will not sell. The only thing these people understand is money. Target deserves the Bud Light treatment. We will work to put the pressure on them,” the group continued.

Target signed a letter from the Human Rights Campaign pushing the trans agenda and attacking states that are banning gender reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for children.

Target logo on side wall against blue sky in Sicklerville, New Jersey. Daniel ODonnell via Unsplash.
Some of the biggest companies that signed woke LGBTQ+ letter

8 thoughts on “Target boycott starts as stores push trans agenda on toddlers”

  1. Awful. YOu’re just chasing $$’s…You know that what they’re doing to kids is plain wrong. Period. Paragraph.
    Being gay is one thing but this trans stuff is flat out wrong.

  2. The “Hunan Rights Campaign” which is actually the Sexual Perversion Campaign has a rating score for corporations and they are all capitulating for a high score.

  3. I called Target and told the person who answered at corporate that I was sending this info about trans baby and child clothing to everyone on my mailing list. I told them that I would not be shopping at Target again. I hope they receive the same results that Bud Light rec’d over their fiasco with Dylan the trans on their congratulatory beer can. They lost a billion dollars in a few days and 20% of their sales, and it hasn’t been forgotten by the patriots that are boycotting them. I hope the conservatives will consider this the last straw with Target and pull all of their support away from them. I will pay a higher price before I will buy from them again. Saving a few cents at Target is not worth the trade off in the welfare of our children and our culture. God help us rise up, stand up, and speak out, in ways we have not done in the past. Our passivity has been at a great price for our families and our country. I hope that STOPS NOW.

  4. Nobody cares if you’re grown & want to pretend that reality doesn’t exist. People care when you try to steer their children away from reality & toward your demented bs

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