Grubhub’s stats reveal America’s secret love affair with this side dish

Grubhub has unveiled its annual culinary trends report, showcasing the foods that Americans couldn’t get enough of in 2023.

A standout trend was the nation’s overwhelming preference for chicken wings, with buffalo flavor leading the pack as the top choice among consumers. The report, which draws from an extensive analysis of Grubhub orders, confirms, “Buffalo chicken wings are the favorite, reflecting a broader appetite for spicy foods this year.”

Hot wings. Logan Jeffrey. Foodjetsexpress, Unsplash.

In a statement, Elizabeth Bosone, Grubhub’s Vice President of Merchant Development and Success, remarked, “Buffalo securing the top spot as the preferred wing flavor aligns with the 2023 trend of diners embracing spicy tastes.” Bosone further noted an increase in demand for other vibrant flavors, including lemon pepper, BBQ, teriyaki, and garlic parmesan.

Asian Chicken wings. Moonyang Lin, Unsplash.

The Grubhub data also highlighted some unusual food pairings that gained popularity. Notably, a 33% surge in choosing pineapple as a pizza topping was observed, pointing towards a year where consumers were more adventurous with their culinary choices. “Salad accompanied by fries” emerged as another unexpected yet popular combination, with orders surpassing 600,000.

Augustinus Martinus Noppé, Pexels.

The “Delivered Report” for 2023 also shed light on the top spicy dishes of the year, with spicy potato soft tacos, spicy chicken sandwiches, spicy tuna rolls, hot and sour soup, and drunken noodles leading the charge. Another surprising trend was the significant rise in pickle orders, with an 89% increase from the previous year, totaling nearly 7 million pickles.

French fries were named the most ordered side dish, indicating their unwavering popularity. Additionally, workplace orders of Diet Coke saw a 17% increase, and there was a 20% uptick in orders for dairy milk in coffee, reflecting changing consumer preferences in beverage choices.

Eiliv Aceron, Unsplash.
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