All the U.S. Senate seats the GOP could flip in 2024

West Virginia

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate, has decided to forego another term in the upper chamber of Congress — making the seat the most possible to flip to Republicans since the state went to Trump in 2020 by 39 points.

Manchin visits Alberta to discuss North American energy security in 2022. Via Wikimedia Commons.

2 thoughts on “All the U.S. Senate seats the GOP could flip in 2024”

  1. Have no fear – the spineless, gutless RINO’s & republiKKKraps, ineptly guided by Mittens Romney’s incompetent niece Rhonda McDaniel will snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory.
    Little has been done to cure the ills of the last two elections – from ignoring the illegal change of election laws by “judges”, A.G.’s, inmates from asylums rather than state legislatures, as mandated by state Constitutions have left the dimmoKKKraps in charge of our alleged elections.
    VOTER I.D.? Can’t have that, it would deprive the border jumping criminals of the right to vote in an election they have no right to vote in.
    MAIL-IN BALLOTS? It’s hard to say which is the best election stealing device dimmoKKKraps have come up with – mail ins, ballot harvesting or Dominion machines – but with this Trinity of Theft it’s guaranteed republiKKKraps will never win again.

    One day to vote, paper ballots, purge the dead from the voter rolls, open and verified ballot counts? We don’t need none of that – the dimmoKKKraps will tell us what the totals are. And if the numbers are off, they have truckloads of ballots under a table, stashed, just in case a few more votes are needed.

    Americans are guaranteed FOUR BOXES to protect our freedom. The BALLOT BOX – The right to vote for who we want to represent us. The SOAP BOX – our right to protest against wrongdoing. The JURY BOX – the right to have a fair hearing by impartial judges with decisions by a jury of our peers. The CARTRIDGE BOX – as put forth in our Declaration of Independence the right to dissolve the bonds of government that have become tyranny.

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